The Button to upload your Pre-profile will be available until 24/10/2019, 11.59pm

Welcome to TRANSFORMATION 8 2019. This year an amazing year to get yourself fit towards the end of the year to celebrate 2020, we have 5 cash prizes and there are not many of you and 1/3 of you guys were with us before. As the numbers are lower this year, then chances are higher for the top 5 prizes. If you stick to the plan, you will have an amazing Transformation to you body. All of you are a team, you are to help each other and motivate each other to get through the 8 weeks. Usually the ones who are the most active one in whatsapp group will have really good transformation. The more you share, the more you gain. Now, you have some reading to do, that’s why you have 1 week to get yourself ready. Start Reading now, get the supplements earlier and shop your food before the weekend and prepare your food in the weekend for the weekdays if you are mostly busy during the weekdays. Please ready everything because everything is important.


2019’s PRIZES for The Best Body Transformation in 8 weeks

Champion – RM1000
1st Runner up – RM400
Runner up – RM200
Runner up – RM200
Runner up – RM200
  • Must attend PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT or HOME PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT to obtain result during the 1st week and after the 8th week. 
  • Must have “BEFORE’ & “AFTER” picture of yourself (1 with newspaper)
  • Must have “BEFORE’ & “AFTER” measurement of yourself
  • Prizes will be awarded after the Transformation 8 program at “Vikings by the Beach”. If the winner are unable to attend, you need to write or video on how you feel about the program within 1 month.


(Pre-Profile form opens from 24/8/2019 – 1/9/2019)

  • Measurement tape – to measure your body size (cm)
  • Newspaper – to know the date of the picture taken (Not ipad, tabs or other electronics)
  • Camera – picture of yourself
  • Weighing machine – weight yourself (use the same weighing machine after 8 weeks)

**You will not need newspaper if your picture is taken by Coach James at Fitness Star. Last year (2018) all of them gathered on the Sunday night at Fitness Star to get the measurement and picture taken. At the moment the information about pre-profile form is not available until the 24/8/2019. So get yourself ready on the other things first.

Please take some time to read,  just ask any questions (but be sure to read everything first).

As you read and click the link, you will feel that there may be many things you can’t eat, but we have offer you some tasty meals and snacks. This eating plan has been designed to gradually re-introduce all the foods you love back into your diet, this will work, but ONLY if you follow this plan to the word. Unlike other diets and Fads that you have tried, you will not re-gain the weight you lose. IF you don’t go back to your old bad habits. Follow a few simple rules and you will have the body you want for as long as you want. (As you can see the T8 participants from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

The most exciting addition to the TRANSFORMATION 8 program is the inclusion of detailed advice on what supplements can be utilized in order to achieve the best results for both Men and Women. This played an integral part in the men’s and women’s physiques, helping to better build lean muscle and shape, especially in people wanting to put on lean mass. That’s right people – it’s not all about looking thin! You should SEE some of the muscles that are born of the TRANSFORMATION 8.

You will go through a few phases, it consist of STARTER, BURN & MAINTAIN phase. Starter Phase is the 1st 2 weeks and Burn phase will be from the 3rd week to 8week, Maintain phase will go all the way to 12 weeks to get your habits right and maintain your body. Did someone just asked “isn’t this an 8 weeks program”? Yes it is, after 8 weeks is to teach you, how you can maintain your body for as long as you want.

The TRANSFORMATION 8 kicks off with the Starter Phase. We call it this, as this is how we start our fat burning furnace, but teaching our body to start using stored body fat as its preferred energy source. This phase relies on greatly reducing our carbohydrate intake for 14 days. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. There are just a few simple rules to follow.

You won’t feel hunger, and hopefully only minimal cravings!

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